Senior Design May 17 Group 07 Data Center Intelligent Agent

We are going to create a chatbot that can process natural language queries regarding the infrastructure of Critical Labs and formulate intelligent and accurate responses. This could be a simple question such as “How much power capacity do I have left in rack A?” or one that requires more complex calculation, such as “If I add a Dell R810 Server to Rack 20 will I overload the breaker?”. The end goal is to be able to use a device such as the Amazon Echo to enable employees to talk to their data center.

Managing a data center is a difficult task and downtime can be detrimental to an organization. The monitoring system that Critical Labs currently has in place (Trellis) is antiquated and can make it difficult to extract information.  We wish to create a faster tool that is simple to use so that an employee can easily manage the datacenter.

  1. User inputs a question
  2. Program requests information about the data center
  3. Data is returned to the program
  4. Data is parsed and outputted to user